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Calling Home

Through our program Calling Home’, we make efforts to do phone contact or visit families of our clients in beggars home. They also avail the facility to talk to their families. This is the first step towards tracing and verifying the family details and subsequent rehabilitation of the client within their families. As part of the tracing process, we contact our network partners in other states and also take the help of the local police for the same.

After undergoing treatment, clients are often able to recollect their address and family background and express their willingness to return. For each client, we identify the probable problems that the client or families may encounter and suggest actions that must be taken to address them. The focus remains on normalizing client’s social and family connections for them to be able to return to stability in their lives.

Institutional placement

All possible attempts are made to reintegrate the clients with their families. However, there are situations when family no more remains an option for the client to return to. This could be for various reasons. In some cases, families might be unwilling to accept them while in other, clients may not want to return to their families. Few cases may not have any family at all, while still others may not remember the details of the family to be traced back. There is also a regular possibility of client giving the address but our inability to trace the family and this could again happen for various reasons.

In such situations, institutional placement comes up as an effective alternative, especially for women, unless the person is capable enough of independent living. So we develop individual plan according to specific needs (training, employment, temporary shelter, medical care etc.) and try to shift them in shelter homes or institutions catering to those needs. Though the institutions take the overall responsibility of the client, we support them for specific needs (medicines, travelling, training, provision of special diet, follow up). 

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