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The population Koshish works with is largely seen as unproductive and difficult to work with. Experience has been that it is the extended period of support that this group needs as compared to any other settled group of persons as the capacity to adjust is lesser, learning is slower and abuse has been far more devastating and traumatizing.

Koshish has clearly demonstrated how effective rehabilitation can be achieved. We have shown that if serious and constant efforts are made with adequate individual planning after assessing one’s background, strength and personality, chances for stable rehabilitation grow manifold.

Economic Rehabilitation

Koshish attempts for social and economic empowerment of the person by providing alternate livelihood options, through capacity building initiatives and secure and stable shelter.

Process involves a cycle where first a person is prepared mentally to come out of begging and getting prepared to work and earn livelihood. This is also the phase where one’s emotional stability is assessed and social skills are developed. This is then supplemented by these trainings with life skills which enable the clients to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life and ready him /her for community based rehabilitation.

Mental Preparedness

This is the first stage of the cycle after the person has been inducted into ‘My Space’. As begging becomes a way of life for many of those we work with, getting the person mentally prepared to give up begging and work becomes very critical. No amount of training or capacity building would be relevant unless the person is willing and prepared mentally to change his way of living. This stage involves counselling, individual sessions on individual’s background, personality assessment and planning process.

Capacity Building through work skills and support thereafter

Rehabilitation and reintegration are contingent on the creation of steady and adequate livelihood options. Vocational guidance and support activities focus on not only skills training and capacity building for regular employment, but also facilitation of linkages with the employment market.

Skill based training unit has been set up inside Beggars Home. Apart from getting them trained in market relevant skills, it is a challenge to get these people mentally prepared to give up begging and get prepared and used to regular working hours and discipline.

Training of Residents with Life Skills:

As part of this, several sessions are done where discussions are held on need to work, life of dignity, taking personal responsibility etc. This is utilized as a platform for these people to express themselves and also to ventilate their thoughts; which otherwise is difficult to do. During these discussions, people freely express their aspirations. A more confident and assured side of these people is brought out through these sessions.

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