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Protection of Legal Rights

Towards Citizenship Rights

One of the major problems that lie within this group is that of lack of an identity document. Substantive work has been done in this aspect. However, this is also amongst the most complex. Efforts to secure entitlements and citizenship are never easy and need very strong and constant engagement.

 Release through Legal Aid

Immediately after the arrest, person is brought to Receiving Centre. This is the period when Social Investigation Report is prepared and produced in the court which assists in determination of what final order would be. It is during this period that we investigate, visit employers, families etc, interact with any possible lead and finally submit the Social investigation Report (SIR) to the court through the institution. These reports play vital role in ensuring the release of large number of people and their legal rights are secured.

Medical Intervention

Remarkable change in the overall medical environment within the institution truly reflects the impact that Koshish has created. Timely treatment and referrals has helped significantly in bringing the death rate down considerably. Constant engagement with the staff members has also resulted in increased involvement and interest from the Hospital and guarding staff in patient’s care and well being. Health program with the homeless community on the street has laso been growing significantly.

Training with Police

 Police is one of the major stakeholders when it comes to addressing the issues faced by the homeless and destitute citizens. In order to secure the most positive handling of the people while the anti-poor law still remains, we aim to engage with Police officials through workshops and trainings.

Training of Staff

Orientation workshops and trainings are regularly organized with the twin objectives of building the capacity of the institutional staff and also to make them part of the process, These trainings turn out to be very crucial in the context of building right kind of environment in the institution.

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