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My Space

“My Space” started off as an experiment within the custodial set up enabling its users to feel free while bringing out their hidden skills and talents without any fear of abuse or punishment. It allows people to be ‘themselves’. The purpose of initiating this program in Beggar’s Home was to give people a sense of freedom while they are still in custody and at the same time, bring a schedule in their otherwise static lives.

Through “My Space”, we are working towards creating a space which is independent of any restrictions or control on free expressions. This is a thought which hopefully will change the lives of many, especially those who have been in the institutions for a longer period and therefore, have lived a completely controlled life.

This program allows us to form a stable group of people who in-spite of being challenged with several issues of custodial life, are able to 'plan' their life. Over all, a special environment suiting to the needs of this group is created where hostile ‘lock ups or barracks’ are replaced with a space of their own, that came with ‘specially trained’ and friendly caretakers.

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